Frequently Asked Questions

**Questions before enrollment

1. Do you have financial aid available at your school? No, not currently

2. Is your school accredited? We are not accredited meaning we do not have financial aid. But we are BOARD CERTIFIED by the Board of Cosmetology

3. When do classes start? We take enrollments weekly. So you can start as early as the same day as you enroll.

4. What are your part time or full time student hours? You make your own schedule and come at your own time. As long as we're open, just remember to sign in

5. How old do I have to be to enroll? You have to be at least 16 years old to enroll but to take your state board exams you need a high school diploma or GED equivalent

6. What types of payments are accepted? We take cash, card, or check (Make checks payable to GEORGIA BEAUTY SCHOOL)

7. When I make payments on my tuition: Payments are made monthly. If you enroll and make your first payment on the 5th, the next monthly payment is due next month on the 5th.

8. When do I need to submit my High School Diploma? Whenever you can, we ultimately need it so we can submit your application to take the State Board Licensing Exams. This will be needed after you've completed your program.

**Questions after enrollment

7. What other fees other than tuition are there? State Board Exam fees ($109), initial license application ($30), additional cosmetology supplies for purchase

8. What are these State Board Licensing Exams? To obtain your professional cosmetology license you need to take the state board exams. It consists of 2 tests, theory (written $45) and practical (performance $64). The theory portion is all multiple choice.

9. When I take my practical exam, what supplies do I need to bring?These kits are included with your tuition so you'll just make a $200 deposit for the kit and we'll give you a full refund when you return the kit with all items.

10. When do I get my practical exam kit? Let us know when your practical exam is and we will schedule a day to get your kit, usually a week within your examination date. We recommend at least a day before your exam never the day of your exam.

11. How do I submit my exam application and schedule my examination dates? We submit for you and help you schedule your examinations

For all questions contact,

Phone: 770-938-8871